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About us

Our Vision 

Passionately Empowering People (P-E-P)
This is the attitude that we promote throughout our business. Each word has value to it:


The leadership team of our company are passionate about empowering
entrepreneurs. We aim to rub off this passion on the rest of our team, who need to show
the same passion when working with our clients.


Instead of following an autocratic organizational structure, we empower our staff to be ‘self-managed’ as far as possible. We live out this attitude to our clients as well. The more client we can empower, the better for our business and South Africa.


To us it’s all about people. We believe that our team is key to the success of
the business; and our clients are the ‘game-changers’ in South Africa’s economy.



We strive to provide clients with a smooth all-encompassing online experience.
To enable us to do this, we are designing specialized custom software which are in full scale stage. The aim is to launch it in September 2020.

Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy is built around a marketing initiative which empowers our clients to
become agents of our services

Business goals & objectives

To have over 50% of the new company registration market by 2020.




We focus on being excellent in everything we do.


God’s time

We aim to have faith that’s God’s time is perfect in everything we pursue.



Our service delivery is all about being ‘ahead of the game’ and thus proactive and on any market / regulatory changes. Also to keep client inform of their servicestatuses before they ask.